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Friston forest, UK, 2014

Save Zine Vol. 4 Darkside is coming soon!

Recently Received: “Save Zine Vol. 3” 
Matas, 2014 Lithuania by Paul Butkus
Last summer in France

Open call for submissions
Please send us your high-res black and white files to
 Selected photographers will receive an email by the 20th of march. All artists that appear in our zine receive a free copy and a mention on our blog. We are very excited to see your work!
Very cold morning, Lithuania
Jacob, Brighton 2014
my dog Mekas, 2014
Save Zine Vol. 3 is finally available.Edition of 50 copies, A4, 72 pages, perfect binding. Special thanks: Alexander Norton, Jūratė Gačionytė, Evita Goze, Julian Bernan, Sasha Kurmaz, Kir Esadov.
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Page 11 from 'H-A-U-N-T' by Marina Suprunova

Some of my work from uni days in H-A-U-N-T mag.